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In conversation with Crestron India: The future of Network AV

Crestron is a global leader in advanced control and automation systems for a variety application ranging from education, corporate, government and defence to hospitality, healthcare and residential. Over the last few years, the Crestron India has significantly enhanced its presence and support with fully functional Crestron Experience Centers in their headquarters in Bengaluru and one in their regional office in Mumbai. This spree of expansion is part of the company’s commitment to providing hands-on, comprehensive training, education and support for the latest solution offerings to Indian partners and customers.

For over a decade now, Actis Technologies has collaborated with Creston on numerous turnkey projects and integration solutions in India. At Actis, it is our constant endeavour to align with global commercial integration trends and make it easily accessible to our clients. While networked AV solutions have been around for some years now, countless enterprises in India are yet to harness its real prowess.

In our recent conversation with Mr. Farhan Walele, National Product Manager- Sales, Crestron India, we aim to highlight the benefits, impact and the future of network AV and commercial integration in India. Below are excerpts from this exclusive interview with Actis Technologies.



Q1: How is Network AV is changing enterprise communication?

It is taking us closer to the AV-IT convergence we have been talking about for the past many years, with HDBaseT we adopted the IT Cabling Standards such as STP/UTP, now with Network AV we have moved one step closer using their Cabling and Infra( Switches), it is moving exactly the in the direction which was projected, we here at Crestron believe that our NVX Series 1GB Network AV platform for distributing 4K 4:4:4 HDR video will be a game changer in the AV Industry similar to the Crestron DM which changed the AV industry from Analog to Digital a few years back.

Q2: What are the top 3 benefits that enterprises in India experience when they adopt the Network AV platform?

Below are the 3 biggest benefits of moving towards Network AV.
* The network is scalable
* Endpoints can be added and removed easily
* Redundancy

Q3: What degree of impact on ROI can businesses expect by adopting all-digital/Network AV as opposed to continuing with older analog systems?

The ROI is directly dependent on the businesses and the extent of adoption of all-digital/Network as compared to older systems. Besides, specific impact on the ROI cannot be determined because it also depends on the usage pattern. For instance, all-digital infrastructure is evolving as the industry standard with better security features, information retrieval, configuration, error detection and correction, leading to overall improvement of business. The world over, you will see a gradual change over of the standard systems to the Network AV systems, not that the standard systems are going to go away immediately, they are still the best cost effective options if we want to have AV within the room. The impact on the ROI will be from the long-term perspective once an enterprise completely migrates to digital and realises the value.

Q4: How does the experience of teams/users improve with embracing this all-digital infrastructure?

Digital transformation touches every aspect of an enterprise and can benefit multiple roles in the organization. It allows the IT/AV management team in the organization to ensure that every room/setup looks, feels and works the same. This improves the experience of the users as they don’t have to waste time in figuring out how the system works as every room works in the same way. Also, the fact that every device in the system becomes a network device; one can monitor, manage and control the same in the case of any trouble, resulting in faster ticket closures and lesser downtimes.

Q5: What new applications does this technology enable, and how do they improve performance for enterprise teams?

The applications are immense, you can have interconnected Audio Video for the entire building/campus, for the enterprise team, it gives them the ability to reach out to a larger audience by connecting multiple rooms and spaces. It allows dynamic change-over of the spaces from a video reception area, the area can become a video transmission area. For e.g. the Cafeteria TV’s receiving the Set-Top Box feed during normal operation can become a transmitting point during a Townhall event.

The benefits of network AV in Indian enterprises looks promising. The integration of scalable and multi-faceted network AV solutions in workspaces can have a transformative effect on enterprise-level communication and collaboration. Together with our technology partner Crestron India and our years of experience in systems integration, Actis Technologies is equipped to bring in this digital transformation.

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