The Seattle Space Needle, located in Seattle, Washington, in the United States, was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and is an iconic landmark of this city. And it is on this building’s observation deck at a height of 520 feet, that a new attraction has been installed since July 2014.

This is the Skypad, which is an interactive Clarity Matrix video wall from Planar. The 135-square-foot video wall showcases the history and evolution of this landmark spire and provides visitors with an opportunity to become a part of its future.

This video wall is a visual installation that highlights both the past and the present. It also educates visitors as it connects them with this installation. This video wall has created a 21st century experience for the millions of visitors that travel to the Space needle.

More about the video wall

This interactive video wall is composed of 15 Clarity Matrix LCD video wall displays in a five-foot wide and three-foot high installation. This wall features the latest in multi-touch technology with 32 touch points. It allows multple users to interact simultaneously with the video wall. Planar technology provides a continuous touch surface rather than requiring protective glass in front of the video wall.

Content can be placed anywhere throughout the video wall using Clarity Matrix LCD technology. A centre section of the wall displays images of the Space Needle from the time it was constructed to the present day.

Capitalising on the flexibility of Clarity Matrix, the AV solutions provider has placed content wherever needed on the video wall. Visitors can also use the display’s IR touch capability to select images of interest and then explore them in greater detail with the touch of a finger.

Also, guests can upload an image to the Space Needle website and have it added to the content stream. The superior image quality of the Clarity Matrix is due to factors such as the ultra-thin gaps between displays (5.5 mm), display brightness (800 nits), 3,500:1 contrast ratio, and a resolution of 1920×1080. Also, it is possible to broadcast HDTV on the wall for an amazing visual experience.

Since the video wall was installed, more than 93,000 visitors from 285 countries have visited. These numbers continue to increase as the visual performance of the video wall provides visitors with an immersive viewing experience.

So, now you know all about how a video wall installation continues to enthrall visitors in a historic building. Do explore this video wall installation through the video and visit the Space Needle if you are ever in Seattle. Here’s to a stunning video wall experience!

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