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5 Out of the Box Applications of Video Walls For Stronger Business Visibility

Conventional clutter of marketing ideas for brand awareness are going the way of the dinosaurs.

So, what differentiated product can boast of the ability to grab peoples’ attention and form effective visual communication?

Video wall technology is generating new ways for those looking at avenues to display information, designs, advertisements, etc. A video wall is a dynamic arrangement of multiple screens put together to create an effect of a single large display. With greater image resolution, it creates a digital visual that outpasses the standard display technology, and creates higher engagement.

Businesses are adopting out of the box applications of video walls to:
  • Gain instant customer attention
  • Achieve powerful brand promotion
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Avoid jumping through hoops to market the business
What about Video Wall technology makes it so promising?

Video walls can help you differentiate your business from your competitor and forge a strong connection between your brand and your potential customer.

  • If you are a start-up, looking at gaining business traction then utilizing value-driven content can upscale your growth, and consolidate your brand image. A video wall digital promotion solution that meets your budget and plan, should be a no-brainer for you.

    Fortunately, AV integration solutions are now both reliable and cost-efficient.

  • If you are a big organization that wants to sustain a healthy growth rate, video wall applications can offer a creative way of dynamic advertising, while ensuring power saving, and reliability.

So, how can video wall applications become an important component in your customer engagement strategy, and how can it help you circumvent the marketing chaos?

Video walls with their gamut of colors, sharp digital display, and large scale stunning visuals, are surely a fail-safe way to appeal to a customer and grab eyeballs for interesting content.

Video wall technology leverages augmented reality, making it hard for consumers to ignore, and important for businesses to incorporate this as a part of tactical planning in business.

Businesses can improve their message with video wall technology that allows them to display multiple content, small or large, at the same time. Or in the case of an event, it can help direct the attendees to various areas of the venue and keep the audience engaged. All you need is to reimagine possibilities and implement the video walls as to how content is being delivered to create an immersive experience.

What are some unique industry applications of video walls?

To help you get more out of your investments in the technology of video wall marketing, let’s deep-dive into 5 out-of-the-box applications of video walls.

1. To make education more engaging and dynamic

From schools to colleges and universities, edutainment is the current buzzword.

The current trends in education have an emphasis on digital transformation for effective and engaging learning. Monotonous lectures are a thing of the past. Video walls are fast becoming a prominent sight at leading higher-education institutes for an immersive experience for facilitators and students.

Traditional and passive education methods are getting ditched for a more explorative academic environment.

As an instructional and informational tool, when video walls are integrated with the learning process, it levels up the educational experience by notches. Faculties and students are integrated into a more collaborative experience.

2. To handle critical operations in control rooms

With critical missions at hand, control rooms need video wall solutions that can help the operators monitor, maintain communication and take care of other dynamic business needs.

Video walls can be powerful tools for facilitating operational ease. Staff in control rooms and crisis management centres are able to monitor various types of data simultaneously and also navigate through complex data. Better data visibility allows correlation of information and speeds up real-time decisions in a mission critical environment. For example, multiple members of network security teams are able to look at multiple data sources simultaneously to quickly identify risks or to intervene in the case of security issues.

When designing a video wall for real-time monitoring for the type of information you want to display, it would be a good idea to keep these in mind.

Worldwide, control rooms leverage video wall technology to manage traffic flows, ATM networks, telecommunication networks, stock exchange and public transportation systems, just to name a few.

Planar offers a wide range of products that leading corporations, governments, broadcasters, utilities, security and traffic authorities rely on for control room display solutions and video walls.

3. As a powerful tool for corporate communication

Video wall solutions can empower organizations to communicate more effectively. This could include communicating with visitors in more engaging ways — through video walls in the reception or in customer experience centres. These work as an effective promotional and informational tool, and definitely enhances the aesthetic in these spaces.

Businesses are able to combine multiple forms of content to tell their stories in a more compelling or memorable way. Customers can also be taken through detailed presentations and simulations of how their business can benefit from the organisation’s products and services.

The can also be used in common spaces like cafeterias to communicate with internal audiences — highlighting policies, company updates, conducting town halls or highlighting employee contributions.

4. To convey travel information and advertise your business

The use of video walls is uncontested in the world of media and advertising.

With a high footfall at places like railway stations, airports, and bus stops, it can get difficult for commuters to know about the travel status, arrivals, departures, delays and timetables. A video wall is the perfect medium to convey and display travel information.

As an add-on, such high crowd places can be a hub for advertising opportunities to generate revenues with the help of digital signage, while keeping the passengers engaged. New generation video walls allow displays to be configured in innovative shapes and arrangements to display advertisements and branding.

A video wall system can be one of the best investments to put your brand in front of a new audience, with an all-powerful advertisement campaign, and engage with the potential customers. It can be any advertiser’s best shot at creating lasting consumer impressions.

5. To maximize sports or entertainment ad revenue from stadiums

Video Wall Application
For an immersive experience, and a successful sports/entertainment event, digital signage can go a long way in driving your brand advocacy.

Stunning graphic visuals with life-sized video can up the ante when it comes to outdoor stadium experience or concert events, and generate huge ad revenue for sponsors.

Video wall marketing is a great business growth enabler

Delivering impactful communication which is memorable, is a critical goal for marketers, organisations, entertainment producers and transit managers. Video walls are a powerful, flexible and reliable tool for delivering information and communicating content to large audiences. It provides increased accessibility and cost effectiveness and can be put to use in several unique applications, playing a key role in your organisation’s business success.