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Numerous recent surveys have found that employees are more productive when they feel connected with their colleagues and the company. The role and demand for well planned internal communication systems in enterprises is evolving. Businesses need to focus on providing multi-channel collaboration tools via email, audio-visual conferencing and digital signage.

While email and conferencing tools have garnered mass-acceptance, digital signage has reached less than half of the world’s global companies. In today’s technology space, new and emerging trends are often subject to undue preconceived notions, largely due to lack of information and understanding. Numerous myths about digital signage solutions dissuade enterprises from integrating this engaging technology in their workplace.

At Actis Technologies, we want to businesses to understand the real opportunities of reaching out, connecting and engaging with their employees and visiting stakeholders via digital signage solutions. Let’s debunk the top 3 Digital Signage myths that we have encountered during our interaction with prospective clients.

Myth #1: Digital signage is expensive.

While the upfront cost may seem on the higher side, digital signage is a communication channel that is capable of running 24/7, if needed. The systems are designed for longevity.
Unlike the traditional print medium, digital publishing is instant and easily available for quick iterations. Imagine the time, resources and paper businesses can save by switching to a simple digital signage solution. Digital signage helps increase communications efficiency while using the least amount of resources possible.

Apart from this, these multifunctional systems can be used for a plethora of applications ranging from branding, communication, training and even communication in emergency situations. While there is still a place for printed communication, it simply cannot match the impact provided by dynamic audio-visual content. Keeping all of this in mind, it is safe to say that digital signage offers significant value and ROI.

Myth #2: Digital signage is complicated.

For enterprises, integrating a digital signage network may seem intimidating from a distance. This may be partially true. The process involves pragmatically integrating a network of displays, media players and content management systems over large business spaces and it’s best done by a team of AV professionals. While the setup is complicated, operating and managing the system is extremely simple. Additionally, AV integrators ensure to make the system easy to use and even offer basic training to company personnel.

A well-integrated digital signage Content Management System (CMS) makes all content-related tasks a breeze. Currently, industry-leading CMS capabilities include the automation of content, syncing dynamic content like social media and news feeds, self-monitoring, self-diagnostic, performance monitoring, and much more. For added convenience, all content can be easily managed from simple tools available on desktop, mobiles and tablets among others. It is imperative for businesses to carefully choose a digital signage software platform that is easy, versatile and cost-effective.

Myth #3: Print is a better medium.

Not only is this idea inaccurate, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital signage has a higher visual impact, with the ability to deliver a strong, creative and engaging content. It is flexible with technological integrations and enables the measurement of success with ease.

Digital signage is capable of generating content dynamically, allowing campaigns to resonate with all stakeholders. Additionally, digital signage can also be interactive, unlike the print medium. Considering the speed of technological advancement, it is worth highlighting that digital signage easily integrates with many modern features. Examples include social media and mobile. All of these capabilities truly set digital signage apart from other mediums of communication.

Not only is a digital signage network cost-efficient in the long run, it is also easy to setup and deploy, particularly with the help of an experienced AV integrator. The exciting capabilities offered by a digital signage system in your business can significantly increase employee engagement and productivity and soon become a crucial medium for your internal communications strategy.


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