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Modern calendar applications play a huge and pivotal role both in office and personal productivity. Integrated calendars help in optimising time management, streamlining collaborative projects, managing assignments and contribute to overall business efficiency.

One of the biggest advantage calendar applications have over their older counterparts is the ability to sync your calendar with other people. This simple integration offers great transparency allowing meetings to be scheduled at the most optimised time for both the parties involved.

Lifesize understands the importance of calendar applications in the modern business environment. They want to ensure that the perceived complexities of meeting technology do not get in the way of business communication. So, they have launched a new calendar integration functionality.

With this new integration, enterprise and premium customers can quickly and easily subscribe their Lifesize® Icon™ systems to their Microsoft® Exchange 2013, Microsoft® Office 365®, or Google Apps for Work™ calendar application for some seamless new meeting room functionalities. As per the company, this is the most intuitive meeting room experience they have ever released.

With just a little configuration on the admin side, Lifesize users can invite conference rooms with Icon systems to their meetings allowing them to get prompted to join the call as soon as they walk in the conference room making everything really simple for the end user.

Both the displays connected to your Lifesize® Icon & Lifesize® Phone™ HD will now easily prompt participants to join the scheduled meetings right on time. The process is simple, just invite a calendar-subscribed Icon system to the meeting and it pops up a simple dialogue reading “Do you want to join the meeting?”. All the participants have to do is hit the “Yes” option to instantly join the call.

Furthermore, it also adds a running list of upcoming meetings allowing users to see if the rooms availability throughout the day right from the Lifesize Icon system. Each integrated Icon system and Lifesize Phone HD will display upcoming meeting agenda. This allows participants to plan meetings along with checking availability right from the calendar app. Interestingly, the calendar integration syncs automatically, so, meeting schedules are always up-to-date.

The video below gives you a better understanding Lifesize conference room system calendar integration.


Lifesize’ calendar integration is designed to minimise the technology interaction and empower quick and effortless conversations. In today’s business communication, conference room discussions are a crucial part of any collaboration strategy. This calendar integration adds a new level of simplicity to the revered and award-winning Lifesize conferencing experience.

Modern calendar applications offer great functionality in terms of communication, schedule aggregation, actionable items, and integration. The integration of calendars and meeting room technology seemed like a natural fit. By simplifying technology involved in conferencing, Lifesize is making conferencing simple, seamless and unified for the users.


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