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Envisioning CLP India’s Smart Rooms and Smart Desk Concept

CLP India is part of the China Light and Power Group — a public utility energy company from Hong Kong. The company’s core business involves generation, transmission, and retailing conventional and renewable electricity in the Asian and Australian markets. CLP India is one of the largest foreign investors in the Indian power sector and regularly collaborates with the Hong Kong headquarters, regional branches, and other global stakeholders. CLP India was looking for an avenue to create its smart office concept and develop a user-friendly experience. Being in the energy sector, it was paramount to keep to energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence at the core of the AV design principle.

Actis was approached to help when CLP India decided to move teams from different locations to their new corporate office located around Mumbai’s International Airport. The project involved creating and integrating several meeting rooms of different sizes-two large boardrooms, a Managing Director’s cabin and even a multi-functional collaboration area for the employees. Actis not only helped CLP India transition to a new office but also aligned the AV design with the company’s vision while maintaining strict timelines. Our case study looks at the unique challenges faced by CLP India, the solution provided by Actis Technologies, and the outcome of the integration.

What were the challenges faced by CLP India?

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability were paramount.
  • Developing and implementing Smart Rooms and Smart Desk concept.
  • Deploying a host of sensors for intuitive automation for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Commissioning and integrating the project in less than 2 months with a fixed end date.
  • Integrating a wire-free setup with minimal cable clutter.
  • A strict focus on user adoption for a better return on investment (ROI).

What were the solutions provided by Actis Technologies?

CLP India, the solution provided by Actis Technologies

The Professional Services Group at Actis deployed an integrated collaboration solution at CLP India’s office spread across the entire floor of the building. The solution integrated by Actis Technologies empowered CLP India’s employees with reliable and well-integrated automation, video conferencing, data sharing, and wireless presentation solution. The AV and IT systems across numerous huddle rooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and a senior executive room were effortlessly integrated into a seamless collaboration system. Download our free case study to get detailed insights about this world-class project integrated by Actis Technologies.

Downloas CLP India PDF

(Content and Image courtesy: CLP India)