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Active LED Video Walls takeover the Corporate Boardroom

Custom active LED Video Walls are making their way from the reception to the boardroom, as organisations choose them over other alternatives. What’s driving this?

As the probable venue for many high-profile organisational meetings attended by senior executives, partners and investors, the boardroom has traditionally featured comforts and luxuries beyond what other common conferencing spaces can offer.

Along with more space, better views, more comfortable seating and luxurious decor the corporate boardroom also usually features the latest technologies for presentation and collaboration. Key among these technologies is the boardroom display, which is given more importance since meetings here tend to be more about strategy and planning, and less about operational activities. High density visual content like presentations and spreadsheets are therefore more likely to be viewed along with videoconferencing, which makes display clarity and quality extremely important.

This has made Active LED video walls or Direct View LED video walls increasingly popular as an alternative for boardrooms. These feature much improved video quality, allow multi-touch use and are easier to install and maintain than older video wall technologies.

The Active LED Video Wall Advantage

While video walls have been around for a couple of decades, the technology that powers them has evolved considerably – and with low pixel pitch and active LED (or Direct view LED) technology they deliver great images even when viewers are pretty close to the screen.

This makes them a great alternative to projectors and flat screens in the boardroom and provides a series of benefits to the organisations that are adopting them.

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Fine pitch Active LED technology has improved image quality considerably– Active LED technology uses a surface array of LEDs as the actual display pixels instead of an LCD panel. This provides incredible contrast, brightness and vibrant colours to the images and means the displays can also be made virtually any size. A pixel pitch of about 1.2 mm can work well in most boardrooms.

Modular Active LED tiles allow high customisation of display dimensions– While boardrooms have usually featured large displays, the proportions are usually fixed at 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios. Video walls built with modular the tiles can be built to fit almost any space or shape — which can be ideal in certain rooms due to low ceiling heights for instance. The bezel-free design of the Active LED tiles that make up the wall ensure images are almost seamless.

High flexibility in display of content types and sources– High resolution has been critical for video walls, especially for short distance viewing. This is where Active LED video walls really shine, with True HD and even 4K resolution and HDR capabilities. A high-powered video switcher along with powerful content management tools mean multiple video sources can be simultaneously displayed in flexible content layouts.

Longer display life and better reliability– Active LED video walls also outperform other video wall technologies in the long run. Rated to run reliably for over 100,000 hours (3X of regular flat screens) and built to be durable enough for most environments, this means better ROI for your organisation’s boardroom. The rugged construction of the Active LED tiles also protects against heat, dust, moisture and regular bumps and scratches.

Easier to transport and install than large screens– Large flat screen displays have become really popular in boardrooms over the past five years. However these can be really difficult to transport and install with chances of damage in transit. Using Active LED tiles to form your video wall means that logistics are a breeze, and there are less worries about damage while installing the display too.

Affordability has improved as technology has evolved– While video walls remain a top-of-the-line display solution, price performance has improved considerably in recent times. Along with size, pixel pitch is an important factor when it comes to cost, with finer pitch modules being more expensive. For boardroom applications, 1.2mm pixel pitch displays provide a good balance of price and performance.

Choosing a large Boardroom display: Flatscreen or Active LED Video Wall?

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The boardroom is a meeting space where most organisations look beyond mere utility — and try to achieve a blend of functionality, impact, aesthetic and ambience. Given the varied ways in which modern meeting and collaboration takes place, the display is one of the important elements which helps boardrooms work well.

In the boardroom, many organisations choose to use a dual display system using larger flat screens, and this works pretty well for both video conferencing and content. The organisational leadership has some flexibility in access to content. Once the display sizes get larger however, things can get more complicated as they are more difficult to handle and install.

But Active LED video walls are fast becoming an option for organisations that want more from their display solution in boardrooms. It provides many advantages over flat screen displays for the enterprise boardroom. The most important is the high degree of flexibility it offers — modular Active LED tiles can be combined to create huge display areas and fit any space with varied display layouts.

They are also much more flexible in displaying content with source switching and the ability to use multiple content layouts depending on the requirements of the meeting. Adding to this is the superior reliability and longevity of the Active LED technology which makes the video wall easier to maintain and operate for many years.

A series of innovations make Active LED video walls a boardroom solution that most organisation should consider. Whether it’s an upgrade project or a fresh installation the video wall provides an ideal solution for the corporate boardroom. With great images, exceptional durability and their ability to seamlessly blend into the environment around them help elevate the conventional boardroom viewing experience.