Don’t you think it would be much easier if we could book our meeting room in seconds? In many organisations, finding an available room when you really need it can be a very time-consuming and tiring experience.

It doesn’t really need to be that way, and meeting room scheduling systems can simplify things considerably.

The Extron Room Scheduling System has an inbuilt Room Agent software, which works in concert with 5″ and 7″ TouchLink touch panels to create a complete room booking solution. The Room Agent software also ties the touch panels directly to Microsoft Exchange, for a stand-alone room booking solution for any size application. Users can reserve rooms from any Exchange-connected device, including their mobile devices or from the touch panel, both of which become convenient room booking appliances.  

With Room Agent, the TLP Pro 520M, 720M, and 720T TouchLink Pro Touchpanels require no programming, as they operate as a client of Microsoft Exchange. The software is free, and makes setting up your touch panels very simple. You can just connect to the touch panel of your computer, open the software, fill in the required fields that compose the user interface, and you’re ready.

 Touchpanel GUI - Room Available
Touchpanel GUI – Room Available
 Touchpanel GUI - Room Occupied
Touchpanel GUI – Room Occupied and booking details

Some of the key features are as follows

TouchLink Pro touchpanels for room booking and meeting information display in single or multiple touchpanels

Easy integration with Microsoft Exchange for convenient scheduling right from Outlook

Communication between the touch panel and Microsoft Exchange is secured

Reservations can be made from any computer or portable device that connects to Microsoft Exchange

LEDs make it easy to see if a room is occupied or available even from down the hall

As soon as the meeting ends the meeting rooms become available

Two color themes, user-provided background images and templates to create custom branding

The following models and versions are available…

TLP Pro 520M – 5″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel – Wall Mount
TLP Pro 720M – 7″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel – Wall Mount – Black
TLP Pro 720M – 7″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel – Wall Mount – White
TLP Pro 720T  – 7″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel – Tabletop – Black

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