Presenting with digital content is now reasonably straightforward, and the tools to do this are featured in most conference and meeting rooms. However, in some special applications, it is important to present content from hard-copy document, maps or schematics – and a document camera or a visualizer becomes a necessity.

But increasingly, users are asking for these products to be integrated into conference rooms in a way that makes it very convenient for participants to use them and so that they appear as an unobtrusive and seamless part of the room environment.

This video shows how Wolfvision’s Ceiling Visualizer presentation systems (like the VZ-C32) would fit into your meeting room and the benefits that it offers. Some of the products feature additional benefits like onboard HD video recording, integrated Wifi, and vSolution Connect for iPad compatibility.

How are these systems installed in a room?

Ceiling Visualizer presentation systems are integrated into a suspended ceiling or mounted directly onto the ceiling just like a projector. The presenter’s workspace remains free of technical equipment, there is nothing to obstruct the view between a speaker and the audience during a presentation. Also this allows larger items to be displayed than with a desktop Visualizer. Special lighting technology highlights and illuminates the pick-up area – showing exactly where to place display materials, and when zooming in and out, the size of the light field adjusts automatically.

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