Top 8 reasons why your business needs video conferencing

Today, building relationships with different business stakeholders is imperative. High-quality video conferencing will help you cement these relationships by communicating effectively as if you were there in person.

There are several reasons why you should install video conferencing for your business. In a video and a white paper, Lifesize talks about the top 8 reasons why you as a business owner, should opt for video conferencing. So, here goes…

1) Speed: The most compelling reason to install technology such as video conferencing is to be more productive and save time. Video conferencing has helped speed up business and has enabled businesses to transform from a local player to a global entity. Also, unlike many other technologies, video conferencing helps maintain the human element by connecting people irrespective of location or distance.

2) Competitive advantage: In the past, most small businesses have thought that video conferencing was not for them, and would only work for the big guys at the big businesses. However, this is no longer the case. Thousands of small to medium-sized businesses with limited resources are benefiting from video conferencing.

3) Wear and Tear: Most employees find it difficult to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Working long hours and traveling extensively over weeks takes its toll. By hosting at least some meetings over the video, you can help reduce your wear and tear.

4) Scale: The cost of moving to HD business video calls has reduced dramatically. Virtualization and sophisticated software means that you can now start small with your video conferencing strategy and then build it up as and when you need it. This also lets you be more cost-effective.

5) Travel: Video conferencing allows for instant communication. By using video conferencing, you can reduce travel time and trips. Video conferencing lets you communicate with fellow employees, clients, suppliers, and others as if they were in the same room.

6) Business Continuity: In case of emergencies like natural disasters, such as fire or earthquakes, video conferencing can keep you connected and helps ensure that your business stays up and running from a different location.

7) Mobility: Employees who are mobile or working from home often miss opportunities for collaboration and communication. But with the exponential growth of mobile devices, you can connect with your various audiences through video conferencing on your mobile device. It’s as if you were connecting in your office and it’s just as easy and cost-effective.

8) Supply chain: In days gone by, customers and suppliers were all within the same town. That has changed dramatically with many stakeholders being spread across the country or even the world. As businesses become global, video conferencing helps establish and maintain long-distance relationships more efficiently, effectively and affordably than ever before.

So, now you know that video conferencing has moved beyond the C-suite and the large boardroom. Do keep these trends in mind and consider setting up video conferencing for your business, sooner rather than later. Here’s to seamless and global video conferencing!

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