Over the last few years, smart home technology is gaining stellar momentum. More and more consumers are integrating automated lighting controls, entertainment, healthcare, HVAC, and other appliances in their homes. Industry experts predict this sector to grow rapidly over the next few years.

Despite the increasing user adoption and projected growth, many users are still skeptical about integrating smart home technology. This skepticism stems from a lack of knowledge and information about this rather nascent technology trend. To counter this, we have debunked the top 3 myths about smart home technology and integration.

Myth 1: Smart homes are for geeks and tech-savvy people
While it may be true that geeks and tech-savvy folks do have an affinity towards technology and its deployment, there is no justifiable reason why others are not capable of using smart home technology. In fact, developers and manufacturers are striving hard to make integration easier and intuitive aimed at new users. With cloud access and wireless connectivity getting increasingly popular, smart home service providers are finding easier to make smart home accessible to everyone. In a nutshell, if you can operate your smartphone and regular home appliances, you are capable of using smart home technology.

Myth 2: Smart homes are an expensive affair
This is one of the most common notions among smart home skeptics. The initial investment in smart homes may be heavy, however, it will offer significant savings in the long run. Upgrading to a smart home offers great value by preventing burglary, sending emergency alerts, security monitoring, and reduction in energy bills. Smart homes make day-to-day life easier and offer peace of mind; an intangible value.

Myth 3: Smart homes are for big homes only
Contrary to popular belief, smart home solutions are not exclusive to the elite few with sprawling estates. For obvious reasons, bigger houses need smart home and security solutions more than their smaller counterparts. Both big and small homeowners can fully reap the benefits of security and power-saving benefits smart homes have to offer. Furthermore, smart home solutions providers are aware that the small to mid-size house segment is relatively untapped. So, the next wave of products is geared to cater to a wider spectrum of home shapes and sizes.

Manufacturers, industry professionals, and service providers need to come together and help consumers understand the true potential of smart homes of the future. Today, we have debunked only three smart home myths. As the industry and user base grows, the myths and misconceptions will too. Count on Actis Technologies to stay ahead and help you understand and deploy technology the right way.

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(Content and image courtesy: www.internet-of-things-innovation.com)

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