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AVINASH BAGDI Director, Covestro India

"We are glad to continue Actis as our longtime partner to build Media Technology solution for our office. Actis facilitated our goal to strengthen employee engagement and agility at Covestro India while also helping us align workplace technology and office design."


SAI KUMAR Sr. Manager - IT, ISB, Hyderabad

"Kudos to the Actis team in setting up two high-quality lecture halls, one at ISB Mohali campus, and the other at ISB Hyderabad campus. We are very impressed with the technical capabilities and the level of commitment displayed by Actis and would like to thank them for their outstanding work."


MANISH NAGPAL Manager IT, Coca Cola, Mumbai

"CCIPL was moving into new location and were looking for an AV partner to setup our 3 VC rooms with complete automation, 12 meeting rooms with screens, Cafeteria/Town Hall /w VC and Board Room. ACTIS provided us with right solution as per our needs during overall project tenure."

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India