Immersive Telepresence

Enhancing telepresence for easy-to-deploy collaboration

Telepresence represents the ultimate level of realism in remote meeting experiences – when it works right. Our team designs your telepresence experience not just to be ultra-realistic, but also to enable smooth collaboration with tight integration of a suite of powerful complementary elements.

Actis Architected Presence is completely inter-operable with other Telepresence solutions, as well as all standards-based video conferencing products. This helps you maximise your capital investment and continue to use traditional video solutions.

Actis helps enterprises to design inter-operable and Immersive Telepresence solutions.

Interoperability is the key to better Telepresence ROI

Open Standards technology enables compatibility with almost any remote system, irrespective of brand, resolution etc.

Our solutions can be deployed at a fraction of the capex and opex costs of conventional telepresence systems

The Dual / Single Display Telepresence brings the value of realism to regional office or locations where space is scarce

Includes furniture, chairs and studio quality lighting. Available in multiple configurations with an array of finishes

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