Huddle Rooms

Expand organisational VC access to small meeting rooms

As organisations begin to leverage the power of video collaboration — the benefits of VC for everyone (and not just senior management) are clear. Collaboration between remote team members gets smoother, and problems get solved quicker.

A new generation of software and hardware based video conferencing solutions is helping organisations expand access to reliable VC via smaller meeting and huddle rooms – creating more flexibility and helping employees become more responsive to opportunities and client requirements.


Actis helps enterprises to create a flexible and affordable video communication infrastructure.

Achieve affordability AND high-quality video conferencing

Ability to use Soft-VC and hardware VC codecs for HD videoconferencing

Ensure that audio and video clarity is excellent for upto 8 participants at each end

Can enable laptops to be used as the VC platform in smaller rooms

Can be teamed up with an LED display for excellent conferencing experiences

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