Executive Briefing Centres

Create the right ambience for senior executive and board interactions

Executive decision making at the highest levels within a modern business organisation requires access to high-quality business information which can come from varied sources. Sharing and presenting this information amongst the most senior executives is therefore a critical function. The Actis Executive Briefing Centres are designed to meet this critical need for all businesses/corporates.

Our Briefing Centres are designed to make the technology virtually invisible – and available only when it is needed. Confidentiality in such a setting is critical, so the spaces are carefully engineered to ensure privacy is maintained.

Actis helps businesses create technology-enabled spaces for senior executive briefings.

Designing the ideal environment for business briefing sessions

Present and annotate content from PCs, video, physical documents etc.

Communicate with the outside world using video based communication technology

Record the proceedings of specific events with high quality video and audio and also broadcast it for external consumption

Manage the room environment (lighting etc) and AV equipment easily and seamlessly during the meetings

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