Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Use intelligent lighting solutions to enhance lighting control

Lighting accounts for 45% of the annual electricity used in office buildings. Actis’ intelligent lighting solutions can save up to 60% or more of your lighting energy costs, contributing to numerous credit categories for LEED® certification.

Additional reductions in power consumption can be achieved by features like dimming, motion sensing, daylight harvesting, ambient light sensing, and much more. Our flexible and intelligent lighting control systems generate substantial savings and improve the aesthetics and productivity in living and working spaces. Intelligent software helps generate a real-time view of lighting and power usage, and helps maximize energy efficiency by remotely adjusting shading, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment.

Our lighting control system and design tools increase the potential to personalise and control possibilities beyond those of traditional illumination tools. It can produce extraordinarily complicated lighting scenes, store them as presets and then change them with the touch of a single button. Lighting controls and design systems provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed, ensuring optimal use of energy.

Actis integrates several lighting systems to provide an integrated solution for lighting control and energy management.

Control and manage lighting for greater energy efficiency

Customise lighting to create a better experience for employees, customers and guests

Tuning allows the room light levels to be adjusted to the occupant’s preferences or needs

Conserve energy with motion sensor technology and reduce carbon footprint

Have easy access to advanced lighting control system with powerful touch / button panels

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