Support & Maintenance

Today, audio visual, collaboration and environment control systems are critical for business communication. Meetings involving multimedia presentations, video-conferencing and other interactive tools occur everyday and help us communicate and collaborate better than ever before.

Actis provides world-class support services to maintain high-availability for your collaboration infrastructure — both software and hardware. As a result critical business workflows continue to function smoothly in your boardroom, video-conferencing facility or training rooms and organisational productivity doesn’t suffer.

Annual maintenance (AMCs)

After building and supporting meeting and control infrastructure over the last two decades, we realise that support requirements can vary considerably. Which is why our support plans provide you the flexibility to choose a level of support that matches your specific needs.

Remote and onsite 8x5 NBD support

For businesses that may require quicker support response for critical applications or infrastructure, we offer 8×5 next business day support — either onsite or remotely.

Performance audits and recommendations

Keeping new infrastructure working smoothly requires regular monitoring of various aspects of its performance. Our team supports you with performance audits to identify potential problems before they affect users and make recommendations for improvement.

In Brief Maximum
Availability Plan
Assurance Plan
Availability Plan
Basic Service Response
Provides maximum availability with service and parts replacement and guaranteed standby provision Comprehensive maintenance services including support and parts replacement Provides our maintenance services but parts need to be purchased as required Support available on-call basis with a standard service fee
Email and telephonic support ok ok ok ok
Within 6 hours response assurance* ok ok ok ok
Free service visit by support engineer ok ok ok cross
Provision of similar standby equipment ok cross cross cross
Free repairs for equipment covered ok ok cross cross
Free parts or equipment replacement ok ok cross cross

*Calls registered later than 2:00 pm will be attended on the next business day.

We’ve built AV, Collaboration and Lighting infrastructure for leading global organisations

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Actis Technologies helps organisations create smarter infrastructure for improved collaboration, human-centric lighting and simpler management of enterprise AV assets.

Our CTS qualified AV specialists bring you world-class assistance for design, integration and support anywhere.

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