With the number of meetings that occur in the course of a modern workday, it’s often difficult to keep track of exactly what was said when – and really, you shouldn’t have to. As video meetings grow to become a part of your business workflows, it’s a good idea to just record important meetings for viewing or sharing later. And the VC cloud makes this really simple.

Recording a video meeting

If you’ve ever wished you could record your video call, a company meeting, or training session, Lifesize Cloud Amplify, makes it really simple. All you need to do is Press “record” from your cloud app and when it turns red, you’re recording.

The app is available on laptops, tablets, smart phones or even a Lifesize Icon video system. Your remote colleagues also see a red indicator signifying that the video call is being recorded. This can be enabled for your entire organization by checking the “Allow Recording” box in the Web Console and tracked directly from the Web Console Dashboard.

Viewing and sharing your video content

Once you’ve recorded a video call, the next step is to view it. Access your own personal video library link to access videos you’ve created or been given permissions to view (created by others). And sharing is pretty simple too, just click the share button and choose your audience – colleagues, public or group sharing. You can also download or delete any video from your creations.

For more information on recording and sharing your video meetings on the cloud, contact Actis at 022-3080-8000 or contact@actis.co.in

(Content credit: www.lifesize.com)

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India