As clients are increasingly looking to video walls for complicated display applications — especially for network monitoring, retail and security applications — their reliability, performance and legibility becomes mission critical. In such scenarios and in places with bright lighting or space constraints, the use of a rear-projection video-wall becomes necessary.

The Planar Clarity LED Series is a line of LED-illuminated rear projection video wall displays that deliver excellent image quality, power-efficient performance and reliable long life. This makes it a very practical solution for long, continuous 24×7 usage applications — like in broadcast, military or NOC (Network Operation Centre) applications.

Key features of this system are:

DLP technology lets it create high-res images for easy reading of data, graphics and video

Features high-power LED illumination for the steadiest and brightest display lighting

Modular design keeps internal components separate allowing proper cooling

Easy access and diagnosis for service is possible

Color and brightness uniformity is maintained across all displays in the video wall

Constant Power features allow users to pre-set the amount of power used by the video wall

Motorized engine alignment where each optical engine is aligned geometrically with a remote

A 60,000 hour life (100,000 Hrs in Eco Mode)

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