Shure Ceiling Tile Microphone

Shure is a trusted brand, preferred by professionals over the globe for optimal quality AV conferencing. Shure’s MXA910 Ceiling Array is a state-of-the-art solution designed to deliver pristine quality networked audio. In contrast to conventional array microphones, MXA910 features 8 independent lobes to provide fuller aural fidelity in rooms of all sizes. Configured to transfer the power in user’s hands, the interface’s intuitive tools let you drag and modify each lobe for an exceptional conferencing experience.

Built to blend into modern workspaces, MXA910 offers options to mount directly in or below a ceiling. Designed to reduce cable clutter, the Microflex Advance Ceiling Array features an all-in-one cable for quick installation and easy signal routing. Shure’s Dante Technology brings seamlessness into conferencing environments through a single network cable formulated to carry Control Data, Power over Ethernet and nine channels of Digital Audio. Users can effectively route the signals to their destinations merely with a connection to an Ethernet network and the Dante controller software. In order to deliver Shure’s premium audio experience, the Shure Intellimix DSP Suite in the microphone instantly activates channels when speech is detected. Available in several colors, the ceiling array microphone is compatible with third-party control systems for easy and flexible conferencing.

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The Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array is a premium networked array microphone with Steerable Coverage Technology using up to 8 separate programmable lobes to capture voices throughout your room more accurately than any other product.

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