Samsung XPS200 P20 Outdoor LED Signage

Samsung’s XPS Series LED Signage delivers excellent image quality that captures audience eyes even in challenging environments. Through premium diodes and advanced video processing technologies, the displays produce an ultra-high 49,920 Hz. * refresh rate that streams videos while eliminating any kind of interruption. The XPS Series also is feature-packed to deter light interference and render bright (9,000 nits)* images regardless of conditions.

Key Features:
  • Superior picture quality
  • Industry’s highest-quality, tier-one LED diodes
  • Energy-saving cabinet design
  • Advanced colour calibration
  • Embedded Receiver

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Samsung offers XPS Series Outdoor LED Signage; P20 / outdoor / DIP type diodes / standard class / full-front custom cabinet.

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India