Palmtop Projectors

The smallest projectors today fall into two categories: palmtop projectors and pico projectors. Both of these are portable projectors, and increasingly, they keep getting smaller and lighter. Whereas a 12-pound projector once qualified as portable, now it’s considered acceptable only for carrying from room to room. The smallest, lightest projectors today weigh 500 grams or less, and are small enough so you can bring one along without a second thought, by stuffing it into a briefcase or even a pocket.

Actis offers palmtop projectors from a leading brand. Palmtop projectors are portable enough to carry with you easily when you need them. Some of these projectors also enhance their portability by being able to read files directly from a USB memory key. Ask yourself whether taking advantage of this feature will let you leave your computer at home.

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Actis offers a select, portable range of Palmtop projectors from one of the best global brands in the industry.

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