Crestron – FT2-1200-ELEC-PTL-B

FlipTop™ FT2 Series Cable Management System, 1200 Size, Electrical, Pass-Through Lid, BlackA hassle-free modular tabletop connectivity solution for conference tables and presentation lecterns. Highly configurable using drop-in modules. Backlit symbol icons illuminate to recognise connection types in a darkened room..

Renders nine module slots arranged in one row of nine. Accepts a choice of pass-through cables, one-touch cable retractors, gravity cable retractors, active connector plates, keystone connector plates, USB rapid chargers, and international AC power outlets.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard-forward design keeps connections close to the surface
  • Pass-through lid enables cables to be fully extended while the lid is closed
  • Available in black and alloy metal finishes
  • Provides 9 module slots arranged in 1 row (9 modules per row)
  • Fits a 4 in. (102 mm) deep x 10 in. (254 mm) rectangular cutout (template included)
  • Optional Crestron FT2 modular accessories, such as power outlets, retractor cables, and keystone plates, are easy to install and provide custom solutions3
  • Backlit symbol icons on specific Crestron FT2 accessories, such as active connector plates or USB rapid chargers (sold separately) illuminate for clear identification in a darkened room1

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The Crestron® FT2‑1200‑ELEC‑PTL FlipTop™ cable management system sets up into a table or other horizontal surface to provide modular connectivity. It is feature-packed with a retracting lid that disappears within the enclosure. When the lid is retracted, nine module slots are arranged in one row. The flexible modular design is easy to customise with an assortment of Crestron accessories, and the pass-through lid style enables the cables to be fully extended while the lid is closed..

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