Crestron FlipTops

Bring clean, convenient connectivity to the tableFT2 Series FlipTop™ cable management systems make it laughably easy to connect at a conference room table or lectern. All connections and cables are concealed inside aesthetically appealing drop-in industrial designs. And with their highly modular design, FT2 FlipTops can easily be configured and updated to cater to the specific needs of any meeting space..

Key Features:

  • Highly visible backlit international symbols on all AV connections and cables offers ease to finding what you’re looking for
  • Pass-through lid enables connections to be concealed with cables fully extended while lid is closed
  • One-touch door silently retracts and disappears when activated
  • FT2 FlipTops are designed to fit in the same industry-standard cutout size as other major manufacturers and set up and/or upgrade in a fraction of the time.

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FT2 Series FlipTops are crafted to the same stringent standards as your most visually appealing furnishings. No gaps or visible screws and the top-of-the-line quality finishes complement any décor. All connections and cables are close to the surface and ready to use – no more reaching into a dark hole and grappling uncomfortably..

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India