3D Projectors

Up until now, 3D was only available in cinemas, but increasingly, 3D projectors have entered the home and business markets. 3D display technology is transforming the way in which we see and visualise the world around us – and nowhere is the impact of this change greater than when we are watching a movie at home or playing games.

You can use 3D HD projectors in the classroom, at home, or in large corporate venues. The versatility of these projectors is immense. A new generation of projectors, which project 3D images are bringing this revolution home — with support for various 3D content formats and the ability to add an additional dimension to your entertainment experiences. You can also use a 2D-to-3D conversion, to view your favorite 2D movies in spectacular 3D.

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Actis offers a comprehensive range of 3D projectors from the best global brands in the industry.

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