Video walls are an amazing display solution in a variety of settings, but especially when you really want to grab your audience’s attention. There is simply no product that matches them for situations where the lighting conditions hamper clarity and colour reproduction and where the display needs to be on for several hours a day. As audiences get more sophisticated they expect a seamless display grid with minimal gaps between individual displays.

But a video wall is more than just a collection of displays and the mounting systems for video walls are especially important, not only to ensure perfect alignment but also to allow for easy maintenance in India’s dusty conditions. Leakage of dust into the spaces behind the display can degrade the quality of the images and harm the displays itself over a long period of continuous use.

The Planar EasyAxis Mounting System for video walls is one of the best solutions for mounting displays. It features six-axis adjustments for perfect alignment in any array and for all types of installations. This allows you to create stunning and precise tiled images with the thinnest profile LCDs, making it ideal for public venue and control room environments with limited spaces. It’s the ideal mounting system for the Clarity LED series displays we’ve talked about earlier.

Flexibility in layouts and quick setup

The EasyAxis system is designed to be quick to set up and allows the displays to be installed very close to the wall surface, eliminating the need for a recessed wall. It supports landscape and portrait orientation, free-standing video wall deployment and flying video wall applications. When used in a wall-mount configuration, horizontal and vertical connection brackets ensure each mount is perfectly spaced from its neighbour in the video wall. Because the displays are self-supporting they can support unlimited stacking height and lower displays are not damaged by the weight of display above.

Simplified service access

The EasyAxis system incorporates a service mode to accommodate front and rear in-wall repair or maintenance of any Clarity Matrix display in the video wall. When a display does need to be accessed or removed, this can be easily accomplished without the need to remove other displays within the video wall. Simply lift the display up and out to lock into Service Mode.

Planar EasyAxis Mounting System

Some key features that this video wall mounting system offers are:

Simplifies and minimizes the time required to install and maintain a perfectly aligned and seamless video wall

Facilitates thinnest profile LCD in the market which considerably enhances the quality of the images that are projected on the wall

Service mode accommodates front or rear service and makes it easier to perform regular maintenance without much time lost in re-aligning the displays

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