If you are the owner of a restaurant and want the clear sound of background music you need a speaker system that is powerful yet unobtrusive and can fit easily in constricted spaces.

This is where Crestron’s Saros ICE6LPT In-ceiling speaker enters the picture. This product is a 2-way in-ceiling speaker featuring a 6-1/2 inch woofer and a wide-dispersion, horn-loaded 1 inch dome tweeter.

Its low-profile enclosure allows for installation in constricted ceiling spaces as shallow as 5-1/8 inches (130 mm). The Saros Express ICE6LPT is designed for quick and easy installation and reliable performance. Its “zero-bezel” frameless grille achieves an unobtrusive and contemporary appearance well-suited for use in restaurants and night clubs, retail spaces, houses of worship, convention facilities, universities, and office buildings.

How to install the speaker system:

Installing the grille requires no hardware or tools, utilising powerful magnets to hold it in place. A safety tether is included to prevent the grille from ever falling from the ceiling. This ceiling speaker system can be installed in new or existing ceilings.

You can mount the speaker using rugged, 2-step toggle clamps integrated into the enclosure. Each toggle clamp offers two positions to accommodate standard and extra thick surfaces up to 2.4 inches (61 mm).

The wiring connection is accessible behind a rear cover panel by removing a single screw. Wiring enters through a side-mounted cable clamp attached to the cover panel. Connecting the wiring behind the cover panel is facilitated using a detachable screw terminal block with provisions for easy parallel wiring in a multi-speaker application.

This ceiling speaker system is available in black or white colours and can be painted to blend in with the ceiling colour.

Some of the features are:

Low-profile 2-way in-ceiling speaker
Requires only 5-1/8” (130 mm) mounting depth
6.5” woofer with damped cloth surround
Dual front ports for enhanced low-frequency response
Wide-dispersion, horn-loaded dome tweeter
Built-in 30 Watt 70/100V multi-tap transformer
“Zero-bezel” frameless grille for a clean, contemporary appearance

So, now you know which ceiling speaker to install in your entertainment, learning, or retail space. It  gives you powerful sound and yet does not intrude into your personal space. So, do use this speaker for sound that can be tailored for your individual needs. Happy listening!

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(Content and images courtesy: www.crestron.com)

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India