If you are a gamer, who enjoys playing games on a monitor or a large TV, then you should probably know that the experience is nothing compared to what its like on a really big screen (above 100″).

Why not upgrade to a projector that not only provides an earth-shaking (that’s the dinosaur…) gaming experience and also provides quality movie-based entertainment in your home. Just make sure that it has Full HD, 3D support and high brightness to project its best in your living room.

Epson has introduced the EH-TW5200, which features 2,000 lumens, Full HD resolution and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 to deliver rich and vibrant images for an amazing cinematic experience with both gaming and movie content.

About Epson TW 5200


Some key features & benefits are: 

Amazing Full HD 1080p entertainment : 1080p resolution ensures an amazing, larger-than-life HD experience, while high colour brightness delivers bright, vibrant image quality

Project on virtually any wall or screen :  Project up to 300″ on virtually any wall or screen. Plus, you can install it on the ceiling for the perfect home theater experience

3D cinematic adventures at home : Enjoy 2D or thrilling 3D adventures right in the comfort of your living room

MHL — The latest in connectivity : Simply connect your MHL-compatible device with the MHL cable to fully enjoy your content on the big screen

3-LCD Technology: Brighter and more accurate colours and reliable performance

Portability:  Its stylish, portable , easy to carry and maximises placement possibilities

Wide range of connectivity: Support for multiple connection methods, including MHL, HDMI and USB, to suit a wide range of entertainment devices

Wireless transmission: With the optional WI-Fi adaptor and iProjection app, users can project images directly from Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones

Good sound quality: With the built-in 2W speaker, you can enjoy pretty good sound wherever you are without having to connect messy wires to a separate speaker

Fast Mode for gamers: Enjoy your game the way it was made with fast mode. This mode improves the response speed for images projected at high-speed

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(Content and image credit: www.epson.co.in)

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