FAQ: How does mix-minus address audio echo and feedback problems?

What is mix-minus?

This is a term used in the audio industry to describe a particular setup of a mixing console or matrix mixer, which eliminates the input from an audio device (such as a microphone or speaker) from the output to that device. That is, the output to the audio device contains everything except the input from that same device. It is sometimes also referred to as a ‘clean feed’ or a ‘Select Audio Return’ (SAR)

What are its benefits?

Mix-minus helps prevent echoes or feedback problems (like reverb and squealing) from occurring via the broadcast or sound reinforcement system. It is also useful with VOIP calls such as Skype when recording for podcasts, the mix minus eliminates the caller’s voice from the VOIP call, but still lets them hear all other audio channels available at the mixer.

How does it work?

Mix minus can be “designed” into a rooms sound setup in different ways — for example an automixer (see diagram below), which can be programmed to route input from a microphone to zones other than the one in which it is present.

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(Image credit: www.biamp.com)

(Content credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mix-minus)

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