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New Trends: Why enterprise collaboration must bridge the IT-AV gap

At Actis, we’ve been working on implementing Enterprise Collaboration or Unified Communications (UC) with clients for several years. The experiences we’ve had, point to problems in “Bridging the IT-AV divide” as a key issue that trips up implementation of enterprise collaboration. This is usually because either the IT and AV systems (or people) aren’t working well together.


A key step to achieving successful enterprise collaboration is the stage of “Networked AV”, which requires the skills of both IT departments and AV specialists to be combined effectively. Unfortunately, most organisations lack experienced personnel with a combination of these skills.

This FREE Whitepaper by Biamp (titled “Placing the end user at the heart of collaboration”) discusses this issue in greater detail.

A couple of excerpts from this Whitepaper (content and image credit to Biamp)…
“As business continues to expand across the globe, the need to build strong ‘virtual’ teams grows. Technology plays a vital role in these teams’ development – yet many of the tools fall short of their users’ expectations. We suggest the most effective enterprise collaboration platforms may themselves be the result of a strong collaboration – between the IT department that manages the systems and the AV experts who work to create rich, shared experiences for colleagues and workgroups around the globe.”

“…the majority of senior IT professionals take the view that AV belongs at the heart of the corporate network and not as an afterthought investment. Almost two thirds of respondents (62 percent) agreed that AV systems that are networked into the existing IT infrastructure would make their companies more productive.”