Enjoy a unique movie experience from the comfort of your very own home

Do you love watching the latest Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms? Are you the proverbial movie buff? Well, now you can watch all the movies and TV sitcoms that you want to, from the comfort of your very own home!

Even if you choose to download home movies, music videos, and television sitcoms from the Internet, most of these are not necessarily of the highest quality, though this is paid content. Also, you need to search the Net for the content you want, with the latter being distributed across various sites. This being cumbersome, most movie buffs like you would prefer to download the latest paid movies and sitcoms from one source…especially if this content is of the highest quality!

Kaleidescape Alto player addresses this need by downloading its licensed movies off your Kaleidescape cloud account at high resolution to become your single source of high-quality loss-less movies online. It can also be used to convert and store your DVDs and Blu-rays into digital files, which can be played back later, even without the disc.

Alto will not import or play CDs, as it is strictly a movie player. However, it will play any concert DVD or Blu-rays.

The Kaleidescape store has licensing agreements with most of the Hollywood biggies, including Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and NBCUniversal. This means that the store features more than 8500 movies, as well as 1600 TV seasons. Kaleidescape anticipates additional studio support this year.

Kaleidescape Cinema One and Cover

The Alto player currently boasts the following features: 

A 4-Terabyte hard drive that can store approximately 100 downloaded movies

About 100 movies downloaded in Blu-ray quality

About 600 movies downloaded in DVD quality

A quadrupling of available storage by combining four Alto players

An ability to create four discrete viewing zones

In the near future, Kaleidescape plans to add features, such as a storage expansion server that will allow Alto owners to add storage when additional viewing zones are not needed. It will also allow an integration of Alto players with a Kaleidescape disc vault for easy playback and management of DVD and Blu-ray titles that are not a part of the store.

Alto also offers a new feature called “Catalogue”. This allows all movies to be displayed on the Alto user interface. Using this feature, you can buy a digital copy of a movie in either DVD or Blu-ray quality format directly from the on-screen GUI. The store will also provide you with personalized purchasing recommendations based on the content you already have in your collection.

Alto is designed for simplicity, and to bring convenience to its users. This is a boon for most of us, especially when compared to some other products in this space.

So, if you have always wanted to watch your favorite movies or TV shows from the comfort of your very own home, you know what to do…Simply make a smart choice and buy and install the Kaleidescape Alto player and enjoy any and all movie and TV content that you want to, for a long, long time to come…Happy viewing!

For more information on how you can install the Kaleidescape Alto player as a part of your home theatre system, visit www.kaleidescape.com or contact our team at 022-30808000 or at contact@actis.co.in.

(Content and Images courtesy: www.kaleidescape.com)

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