Companies introduce new office AV equipment to their employees with the intention of increasing productivity. Before any of these are implemented, enterprises go through a huge process of requirement analysis, vendor search and finally installation. This process could take weeks or even months depending on the scope of work.

After the install, everyone is excited to start using the equipment. A few weeks go by, there is an emerging trend. Employees aren’t using the solution as much or as intended. As a business, this could be frustrating. The reasons for the drop in usage and user adoption are plenty.

Our focus today is not to find out the reasons for this, but, to discuss ideas that are helpful and more importantly, easy to implement. Let’s look at ways you can drive higher user adoption of AV equipment in your office.

Highlight the benefits, not the features

Your average employees don’t necessarily care about the resolution, the encryption and all the hoards of new technology jargon thrown at them. Their interest lies in how will this equipment make their job easier and more efficient. Employees can have their corporate communications/marketing teams collaborate with HR to develop and implement interactive and educational initiatives to helps employees understand the benefits of the new technology. Employees may find it easier to communicate with internal stakeholders as compared to external ones.

Provide education, training, and support

The education and support surrounding any new tool are often as important as the features of the tool itself. You simply can’t rely on your IT or systems to train and educate all other employees. During your equipment selection process, ensure to opt for a solution with a simple and easy user interface. If the equipment has a steep learning curve, ensure to have proper training material and schedules. Having a dedicated helpdesk team can do wonders for user adoption.

During the equipment finalization process, ask your solution provider about their available training materials, onboarding process literature and other support services they will offer during and after the installation process. Post-implementation, enterprises need to take feedback about the AV equipment and implement changes suggested by the employees.

Unify access and control

In this time-pressed era, the last thing your workers need is a new tool that adds additional steps to their work processes rather than integrating into existing systems and workflows. You don’t want employees juggling through different portals, control panels, and interfaces just to complete a simple task. While selecting an office AV solution, enterprises need to ensure the new system seamlessly integrates with current workflows and processes. You can work with your AV integrator on exploring solutions that have unified control and access to critical data required for a hassle-free operation. If the new equipment is mobile-ready, highlight this to your employees as this may encourage them to adopt this technology.

Office technology is implemented with a vision, whether it’s cutting costs, improving communication, or increasing productivity. However, if this technology isn’t being leveraged correctly, that vision can be lost. With a carefully planned deployment and hand-holding post-implementation, you can ensure higher user adoption and a successful AV integration.

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