You want to control the AV operations in a room with an easy-to-use, customisable and convenient keypad. You want to be able to provide extensive control capability. You want to use a keypad that has a universally appealing design.

If so, you need the Cameo International Keypad (C2NI-CB) from Crestron. These keypads come in a single-gang European or UK style wall box and can be customised to fit any room with a variety of button configurations and a choice of three colors – almond, black and white.

You can easily configure a single Cameo keypad using the installer. Each keypad has two columns of engravable button cap strips. Each strip has three button cap configurations: A set of two large buttons; a set of three medium buttons, and a set of four small buttons and one medium button.

You can program each button to support up to three separate functions, simply by tapping, double-tapping, or pressing and holding the button. The “shift key” functionality is also available, in which the user presses and holds one button, while simultaneously tapping another. This provides further customisation for this innovative and versatile keypad.

The customisable button text is easy to read under any lighting condition, due to the high-quality backlit laser-engraving. This keypad also comes with a built-in light sensor that controls the backlight intensity so that the buttons are easily-legible in both darkened and fully-lit rooms.

Crestron Cameo Keypad - Customise your keypad
Integrated Lounge

The built-in light sensor is also utilised by the control system to support daylight harvesting and other programmatic functions besides controlling the backlight and LED intensity.

At the rear of the keypad are located two sensing inputs. These provide a simple and convenient interface for low-voltage contact-closure devices, such as door switches, occupancy sensors, and motion detectors.

Some of the features are:

Built-in LED blinking and bargraph logic
Auto-dimmable backlight and LED intensity
Ambient light sensor
2 contact closure inputs
Quick and easy installation
Cresnet wired communications

So, now you know what to use when you want a good looking yet functional keypad with several innovative features. Invest in this keypad and enhance not only the look of your meeting room, boardroom, or training room, but also its cutting-edge technology offering. Here’s to a happy keypad experience!

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