Connect all cables and wiring in a tidy way

If you have multiple devices that use many cables for connectivity, you may have had a problem managing all the cables and connectors. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can use the C2N-HBLOCK as a termination block for multiple Cresnet cables.

The C2N-HBLOCK from Crestron comes with three different types of connectors to accommmodate all types of Cresnet wiring, including standard 4-wire Cresnet cable, Cresnet “High-Power” cable and RJ11 modular cables.

It also comes with diagnostic Light Emitting Diode (LEDS) indicators that indicate the presence of network power and data. A mounting plate is also included and this provides for standalone surface mounting. You can rack mount up to three units using the optional CNXRMAK rack mount kit. The latter is sold separately.

You should use the C2N-HBLOCK for enhancing transparent communication between all connected Cresnet devices and the control system. You can cascade multiple units for expanded connectivity. The C2N-HBLOCK has a wide variety in Cresnet connection types. For example, it has Phoenix, Mini-phoenix and RJ11 Cresnet connections.

A typical wiring example

A typical wiring example is that the MC3 processor connects to a 75 Watt power supply and then out to the C2N-HBLOCK, which feeds all of the Cresnet devices.

The C2N-HBLOCK is housed in a black enclosure with silk-screened labels. The front panel contains 16 connectors. These are used to input power and Cresnet data signals to the C2N-HBLOCK device and then output the same to Cresnet devices. All connectors are internally wired together in parallel. The large rear panel has holes and serves as a mounting plate.

Some of the features are:

Provides wiring for up to 15 devices and/or peripherals
Three different types of Cresnet connectors, all of which are in parallel
Eight 3.5mm 4-pin screw terminal connectors (mini Cresnet)
Five 5mm 4-pin screw terminal connectors (standard Cresnet)
Three 6-pin RJ11 modular connectors
Two LEDs enable user to diagnose wiring problems

So, now you know how to connect all your cables and wires in a user-friendly way. Do use this device to manage your cables and wires for all of your AV devices. Here’s to a tidy and effective AV experience!

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