Creating an infrastructure that enhances the learning process is a pretty complex thing, and a lot of investment, effort, and technology have gone into creating teaching aids that help faculty in creating a rich learning experience. But many schools, universities, and institutions in India still fail to adopt a set of design standards in the creation of this infrastructure.

In a special series of articles, Infocomm addresses the issue of classroom standards and provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for universities and other learning institutions to follow, so that they can avoid common mistakes. The articles cover the issue of design from 4 distinct aspects – industry standards, campus infrastructure standards, classroom design standards, and classroom equipment preferences.

Some key observations from this article…

“Most colleges and universities have some assemblage of “classroom standards.” Many of them are poorly thought out, incomplete, and not as effective as they could be.”

“Having a project go awry and getting “burned” is often the motivation behind standards. Unfortunately, it can lead us to focus on one area at the expense of other, bigger potential trouble areas.”

“Familiarize yourself with industry standards and consider requiring their usage whenever applicable. They are some of the easiest project-quality insurance you can get.”

To read more about this topic, view “Classroom Standards: The Good, Bad, and Ugly”. More on this in the coming weeks…

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