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How video conferencing can transform business workflows

Video: How video conferencing can transform business workflows

The primary role of Video collaboration and video conferencing is to provide businesses with an effective way to improve the speed and efficiency in business processes, and hence bring improvements in productivity. While this is certainly important to CIOs and CXOs undertaking video implementation, it’s often set aside once the process of selecting technology and...
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Managing enterprise adoption of video collaboration

New Trends: Managing enterprise adoption of video collaboration

Video collaboration is a powerful tool for enterprises — one that boosts productivity, saves costs and provides opportunities to transform work processes with improvements in efficiency. But for CXOs and CIOs, its also important to manage enterprise adoption to ensure a return on the investments made in setting up video collaboration infrastructure. This 12-page survey...
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New Trends: Why enterprise collaboration must bridge the IT-AV gap

At Actis, we’ve been working on implementing Enterprise Collaboration or Unified Communications (UC) with clients for several years. The experiences we’ve had, point to problems in “Bridging the IT-AV divide” as a key issue that trips up implementation of enterprise collaboration. This is usually because either the IT and AV systems (or people) aren’t working...
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Media Coverage: Forward Momentum

New Trends: Is it time your AV infrastructure moved from Analog to Digital?

Enterprise AV standards are transitioning away from analog to digital standards – and this switch is being driven largely by video applications. Ensuring that digital video can be incorporated into your organisation’s or home’s digital AV infrastructure while continuing to support legacy equipment is a challenge system designers need to plan for. With a wide...
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New Trends: Can enterprise video collaboration rely on the Cloud?

  As cloud-based video conferencing solutions continue to mature, this article provides some hints about the parameters that you need to consider when evaluating cloud versus hardware-based video conferencing systems. NOTE: The article mentioned above has been contributed by Cisco Systems The key factors that the author recommends that businesses consider are: Simplicity, which...
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screen for smaller meeting rooms

New Trends: What does 4K resolution mean for your screens?

The buzz about 4k is already getting pretty loud, with consumer electronics manufacturers pitching it as the next upgrade you HAVE to get as the prices hit mainstream TVs. But a closer looks suggests that 4K isn’t going to be perceptibly better for all screens (than FullHD) – and its impact on clarity and reducing...
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Infocomm Report: Trends that are transforming Unified Communications (UC)

Making unified communications a reality for your business has long been easier said than done. But clearly this is a vision where the technology which is finally coming of age. This report from Infocomm International (the global trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries) describes the “5 Trends Changing Unified Communications” and...
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New Trends: New Energy-positive classroom goes old school

Wired  tells us, that the Hawaii Department of Education is switching to new, energy efficient classrooms because of high local power tariffs. The new energy positive classrooms are “1,000-square-foot classroom projected to produce four times the energy it consumes—the result of eliminating the need for both artificial lighting and air conditioning.” Most interestingly, its slating,...
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