Today’s boardroom and conference room are very well equipped with easy-to-use audio visual technology. It typically has a big table with a chair, and on the table we try to hide the wires and adapters. Cable management is extremely necessary for today’s Audio Visual (AV) industry. How about having a cable cubby that is engineered to streamline and facilitate access to cabling connections?

Extron has introduced the Cable Cubby 100, which is the next generation of cable cubby in the AV Industry. It is a stylish, compact, and round enclosure for AV connectivity with USB power. This USB power is ideal for applications where a single-user access point is required. Its round design eliminates the need to measure or use a routing template, making installation quick and easy. This cable cubby features two connectivity openings for up to four single-space Mini Architectural Adapter Plates – MAAPs, or two single-space MAAPs and three AV cables. The Cable Cubby 100 Switch Kit is available for “Show Me,” push to talk, or mute mic applications. A cover plate conceals mounting screws resulting in a tidy appearance.

Cable access enclosure for AV connectivity and power

Its features are as follows:

Accommodates up to four MAAP (Mini Architectural Adapter Plates ) or three AV cables

Simple one-piece design makes installing and changing cables fast and easy

Fast installation with standard 4″ (102 mm) round hole saw

Available with USB power for charging mobile devices

Stylish and elegant in nature

Available in a black finish 

Optional Switch Kit is available for “Show Me”, push to talk, or mute mic applications
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