Bringing Networked AV technology to large meeting venues

Conducting live events in auditoriums is usually a complex and taxing task – but the latest Networked (AV) Audio Visual technologies can make them more impressive, and simpler to manage.

Actis helps implement all-digital, networked AV technology which allows centralised control over lighting, HVAC, sound, projection and video conferencing elements to allow the smooth execution of events with the help of smaller teams.

Actis begins with the auditorium sound system design and integrates elements like large screen projection, lighting management, control systems and video conferencing that allow smoother management of a wide range of sub-systems. By deploying customized auditorium speakers with the right speaker placement, our sound engineers ensure evenly distributed sound along with effective noise control and vibration isolation to minimise the effect of external and mechanical noises.

Centralised management of the auditorium is enabled via touch-based controllers which allow event managers to stay in control even in the high-pressure environment that high-profile live events inevitably create. These control systems can be integrated with almost any electronic or electrical system including HVAC, sound systems, lighting, drapes, AV devices, projectors, screens, cameras, video conferencing systems etc.

Actis helps design and build large meeting and event venues that bring corporate and entertainment events alive.

Create events that impress, with powerful control integration

Improve the quality of internal and external events involving large number of stakeholders

Create a forum for conducting impressive and cost-efficient corporate events

Broadcast important events to stakeholders that may be located anywhere in the world and achieve considerable cost savings

Optimise auditorium sound system design to ensure high audibility in any corner of the auditorium

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