Corporate, education, government, and hospitals are quickly using digital signage to engage, educate, and serve their clients. This is because digital signage has the ability to offer clear text and images. Moreover, with the latest Ultra High Definition (UHD) technology, businesses can convey more impactful messages and detailed images in ultra-realistic detail.

Samsung has introduced the QMD Series Smart Signage, which offers an immersive viewing experience, powerful connectivity, and enhanced display functionality.  Ultra-Realistic detail , intense image resolution, dynamic connectivity options, and improved display functionality provide a realistic visual experience  to the viewer. The signage features a new design that delivers UHD life-like picture quality, multi connectivity options, efficient display direction, and reliable operation for optimal flexibility and image clarity in commercial settings.

It offers ultra-realistic detail which is four times the detail clarity of Full High-Definition (FHD), which results in accurate images. It delivers a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, wherein high-detail visuals, such as photos and videos are visible down to the smallest detail. Supported by a high 60 Hz refresh rate, the QMD Series ensures seamless video playback and eliminates the choppy visual experience often attributed to lower refresh rates.

The series has even introduced an optional UHD capable set back box (SBB), which is designed to attach in the back of the QMD series display to help reduce the unnecessary wire clutter.

SBB Support
SBB Support


Picture-in-Picture (PiP) multi-screen or split screen functions provide added efficiency. From displaying a video-conference on a large part of the screen along with reference documents from a different device on another part of the screen, this product helps optimise the impact and flexibility of digital content for business customers. It has 16/7 reliability, a sleek, modern design, and pivot mode, which allows you to install the display in landscape or portrait orientation.



Its features are as follows: 

Delivers four times the FHD resolution, resulting in an accurate recreation of details

Delivers a true UHD experience

Enables the replacement of video walls composed of smaller FHD displays with a single QMD Series display, eliminating the bezels for a seamless visual appearance

Supports various PIP and PBP configurations for more dynamic and efficient usage scenarios

Enables portrait installation to fit to the signage

Supports UHD streaming


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