July 3, 2015

How Audiovisual (AV) solutions can help businesses

Today, you need rapid and effective communication to stay ahead of your competition. This is because better communication leads to better decisions and better end results. And an important tool for communication is your audiovisual (AV) solution. This is why companies of all sizes are increasingly investing in state-of-the-art AV solutions in order to communicate...
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Standards for verifying AV Cable Performance

The modern workspace is depending on increasingly complex networks for AV data to flow efficiently and seamlessly. Ensuring that this virtual “central nervous system” is functioning in a healthy manner is therefore extremely important. Unfortunately most businesses and even many AV professional fail to give the AV cabling and distribution systems the attention and maintenance...
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Enhance and simplify Audio Visual system integration

From concerts and various other events to corporate meetings, audio visual solutions play a major role in letting us see and hear what’s going on. The set up requires several products, such as speakers, wires, cables, amplifiers, and transmitters.  Transmitters occupy a significant place in the audio visual layout. Extron has introduced the DTP T 3G-SDI...
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Seamless, high-quality sound in large spaces

You must have attended a video conference where the mic made a humming noise, even as your colleague was speaking. Or maybe the auditorium you were in experienced a lot of noise during the presenter’s speech. If so, you have experienced something quite common. All of this noise is due to the absence of a...
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Control made simple for today and configured for tomorrow

If you’ve always wanted to have a room automation system that offers advanced control at your fingertips, the K-Touch 3.0 platform is for you. With this cloud-based platform, you can control anything, at anytime, and anywhere, by simply using your standard WiFi connection and existing infrastructure! With the K-Touch 3.0 control system from Kramer Electronics,...
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