May 16, 2015

How can we create an “exceptional AV experience”?

In this video, Infocomm initiates a conversation into defining the different elements of AV technology that can create exceptional AV experiences. It’s when everything works, together. How do we engage participants and get them to be amazed when we present our ideas exceptionally? According to Infocomm’s findings these exceptional experiences occur when “pace, content and...
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Creating your meeting at a single touch?

Conflicts in meeting room or video conferencing scheduling can be an irritating and disruptive experience – and most organisations continue to have extremely simplistic solutions for managing this. But as collaborative conferencing continues to rise in popularity, these conflicts can be extremely disruptive to productivity. Crestron’s Fusion platform addresses this by providing a very comprehensive...
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Thanks to Flour Daniel (and vice versa)

We’d like to thank the Flour Daniel team for their lovely gift (see below) and their appreciation of the extra time that our team (see Amit Kundal and Ajay here) has been putting in to make sure that their project meets tight deadlines. It was our pleasure entirely. .    
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How ergonomics affects AV system design

Today, each of us spends considerable amounts of time in meeting rooms and work-spaces that are enabled by AV technology and allow us to present our ideas or communicate with people for work. But despite the best AV technology available to us, poor ergonomic design can undermine our goals and leave participants feeling strained and...
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Whitepaper: 10 Essentials for a Digital AV Solution

There’s a rapid change taking place in enterprise-grade and consumer audio visual technology—devices are moving away from analog connectivity and signal distribution standards (VGA and component video connectors) to high definition digital standards supporting HDMI and other connectivity standards. As support for these devices is being phased out, it’s necessary for our AV networks to...
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