These days, most electronic gadgets are touch centric. Touch screens are preferred over keypads, because they need very little or no pressure to operate, whereas keypads/buttons need minimum pressure to operate. Be it a home or a business, wireless touch screens are reliable and secure.

Crestron has introduced the TST-902 wireless touch screen, which is an advanced wireless controller that delivers ultimate performance. The 8.7-inch tablet conveys reliable, secure wireless control, a consistent and built-in user experience, and powerful Smart Graphics in a touch screen. TST-902 features high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors that bring exclusive Crestron Smart Graphics to life and also allows for completely customizable control over media presentations, teleconferencing systems, lighting and shades, HVAC, and other technologies. The ultra-bright wide screen display, capacitive touch screen, H.264 streaming video, and edge-to-edge glass, deliver a remarkably satisfying experience.

Smart Graphics : It delivers ultimate user experience with its rich user interface. The smart graphics offers graphical buttons, sliders, knobs and gauges, drag and drop buttons, interesting dashboard with clocks, weather updates and news, and customizable themes that allow for a different look and feel for every user, event, and season.

Speed, reliability, and security : The TST-902 primarily communicates via Crestron ER instead of Wi-Fi, to deliver maximum speed, reliability, and security. It can also be used to control communications using ER wireless alone, or can be used with ER and Wi-Fi together (dual-mode) to integrate streaming video from IP cameras or for web browsing.

Super-long battery life : It features a large-capacity, user-replaceable Lithium ion battery pack, which enables users up to 9 hours of continuous operation. These batteries provide a long life, are light in weight, and compact in size.

Table Dock Charger : The TST-902 includes a stylish table dock for charging its internal battery. Its sleek appearance achieves a look that is compatible with the boardroom or living room.

Its key features are as follows: 

Advanced wireless touch screen controller

Thin, stylish tablet design

8.7″ LED backlit color LCD display

Capacitive touch screen technology

Smart Graphics support and voice recognition capability

High-performance H.264 streaming video and customizable audio feedback

Web browsing and on-screen keyboard and mouse

Customizable screensaver

Built-in microphone and speakers

Large-capacity, user-replaceable Li-Ion battery pack

Doubles as a stationary tabletop touch screen while docked

Wall dock option available separately

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