White Paper: Top 7 Workplace of the Future Technology Predictions for 2015

The workplace in 2015 is connected like never before and this is fueling collaboration. Collaboration technologies are ushering in a next generation workplace that is more productive, efficient, and delivers meaningful cost savings to organizations of all sizes across the globe.

The connected company no longer needs its workers to be present in one location. With new, more advanced mobile devices giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere, these technologies will only continue to reshape the look and feel of the “office.”

Connected workspace for collaboration

In this white paper, Polycom explores and enunciates top 7 workplace of the future technology predictions for 2015.

Here are the main points…

1) Global companies will rapidly adopt collaboration tools. Globalisation means working across time zones, borders, and cultures. Business will increasingly use collaboration tools that extend business and make distance and time irrelevant.

2) Video conferencing will rapidly become the most used collaboration tool. It is expected to overtake email as the preferred tool by 2016. Collaboration technology such as voice, video and content sharing tools will be integrated with communication systems, business applications, and workflows, thereby driving adoption.

Video conferencing for increased collaboration

3) The workplace will become the workspace and will evolve rapidly. This workspace is already changing significantly. Companies are replacing the ubiquitous cubicle with more open workspaces and are offering employees flexible work arrangements. Employees will be able to connect to anywhere, from anywhere, and at any time.

4) Smartphones will grow rapidly, ushering in an era of “supermobility”. By 2018, smartphones will grow to 2.4 billion units, a ratio of 6:1 to PCs. In 2015, collaboration is being fueled by device-to-device communication. We are entering the age of “supermobility” wherein employees will use mobile devices that provide all the tools and technology that they need.

5) Cloud-based collaboration solutions will increasingly be adopted by small and medium businesses. The evolution of mobility and the cloud have ensured that subscription-based services provide organisations with the ability to collaborate and achieve more. There is a large-scale movement of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) to cloud-based VoIP, video, and content sharing services.

6) Browser-based collaboration solutions will become the tool of choice. Companies looking for simple and effective communication will use the web browser in 2015.

7) Meetings will change as technology enables new ways of communication. Better quality and easy-to-use collaboration solutions are ensuring that meetings feel as natural as being there, so that users have a common experience regardless of their location or device.

Some of the most important observations:

“Traditional PSTN infrastructure is becoming outdated, and with a regulatory mandate to move all voice services off of the PSTN within the next five years, cloud-based voice, video and content use will rise dramatically.”

“Video conferencing solutions also will easily connect to third-party audio services, such as Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync), increasing business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) communications.”

“”Supermobility,” will include more use of near field communications (NFC), Wi-Di, Ultrasonic and other wireless technologies, and will give mobile device users easier and more secure access to an enterprise’s visual collaboration tools.”

This year will be a signature year for the advancement and adoption of corporate collaboration tools across the globe. With work environments becoming more collaborative, employees will conduct work from wherever they choose, using visual communications.

So, now you know more about how your workplace…sorry, workspace…will change both in 2015, and in the years to come. Here’s to a seamless corporate collaboration experience!

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(Content and images courtesy: www.polycom.com)

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