More businesses are going global these days. Geographical limitations no longer hinder face-to-face communication. Innovative video collaboration tools allow businesses to work with clients and colleagues from around the globe.

Hiring productive human resources will always be at the core of any modern enterprise. In global businesses hiring employees can sometimes become a challenge. For convenience, modern hiring practices involve having conversations via the telephone. This works great for the scouting process, however, it takes away an important aspect, face-to-face communication.

With a huge proportion of communication relying on nonverbal cues, meeting face-to-face is extremely important for better hiring. Video collaboration solutions can provide that. Let’s learn how using video collaboration could benefit HR professionals in better hiring for businesses.

Save time

Instead of spending an entire day stuck in the office conducting interviews, you can use an online meeting tool to meet candidates from wherever you are at the time. With modern video conferencing solutions, all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device and you can connect to your meeting within seconds. This applies both to the recruiter and prospective employee.

Save money

Sometimes you may be interested in a candidate who is not conveniently located near the office. Instead of scheduling and paying for the flight, ground transportation, and accommodation, the candidate can meet you from their home. With video conferencing solutions business get access to a wider pool of talent with practically no geographical limitations.

Better insights for hiring

Web conferencing makes it possible for an employer to assess a candidate’s body language. Personal care and appearance are both important factors that should be considered when selecting a job candidate. An applicant who shows up to a video interview dressed sloppily shows that they are not taking the job seriously and they may not represent the company in a professional manner.

Video conferencing also allows an employer to evaluate eye contact, posture, and expressions. Facial expressions can help an employer read between the lines. You can also assess the candidate’s surroundings as well. Is their workspace messy or organized? Are they in a professional setting? Comparing expectations about this person to his or her background can be very helpful in giving you key insights of the candidate.

There are many crucial nonverbal cues that can be missed when only using the telephone. Always make an effort to meet face-to-face. Video conferencing can give you the necessary information to make the best possible decision for your employee hiring. Here’s to better job hiring!

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