We’ve talked in the past about how video conferencing quality and performance can be enhanced by making some minor tweaks to the room environment.

In this (more detailed) design primer, our team makes specific suggestions that you should implement in your Video Conference room at the early stages itself.

Here are a few important points for you to consider: 

1. All the participants in a video conference must be able to see far-end viewers clearly and be able to differentiate between them. The VC room seating must be designed so that it provides adequate spacing between participants and facilitates natural and life-like conferencing.

2. Noise and interference from outside the room may be present due to inadequate sound isolation. The location of the VC room must be chosen such that there are less ambient and external noises (eg. not a road-facing room), which prevents untimely interruptions to presentations and conversations.

3. The colors chosen in the room have an impact on the visual connect of participants involved in video conferencing, and on the ergonomics of the room. For this reason, neutral wall shades are preferable as they provide an optimum background for viewing clarity.

4. It is critical to get the lighting right in VC rooms, which includes monitoring the room light levels and carefully choosing the type of illumination and color temperature. When combined with a provision for dimming, this allows for creating superior image/video quality with better contrast.

5. The design of the conferencing system should allow for calls between 2 participants (Point-to-Point) and also among multiple participants (Multi-party) over LAN/Internet. Since portable devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets may be used to dial-in to conferences, the room/system designer must select the right VC system and enable seamless and flexible collaboration.

For more on how you can improve your video conferencing room design, visit this page. You can contact Actis at 022-30808080 or write to us at contact@actis.co.in

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India