White Paper: Why collaboration between the CIO and the AV Integrator is important

Are you the CIO of a company who needs to install the right, integrated AV solution for your business? Are you an AV integrator who is not able to have a conversation with the CIO of the company where you are installing an AV solution? If so, you both need to move to common ground...
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White Paper: Lighting up your life with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

If you have to convert your company cafeteria into a town hall venue, with a need for different kinds of lighting, or then, you need to dim all of the lights in your home when you have stepped out for a bit, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting should be your first choice! Ten years ago,...
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Whitepaper: 10 Essentials for a Digital AV Solution

There’s a rapid change taking place in enterprise-grade and consumer audio visual technology—devices are moving away from analog connectivity and signal distribution standards (VGA and component video connectors) to high definition digital standards supporting HDMI and other connectivity standards. As support for these devices is being phased out, it’s necessary for our AV networks to...
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Whitepaper: 5 ways the world is changing

If you are a CIO or a CXO, looking to make decisions about how your organisation is going to approach collaboration infrastructure over the next few years, then this info-graphic (and the related whitepaper) have several very useful insights to offer… Some key observations worth considering: “CIOs must be prepared to accept that for some...
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Whitepaper: 14 Best practices for Lync deployment

As businesses continue to expand video collaboration access through the organization, they are looking for ways to integrate Microsoft Lync into their infrastructure to provide wider access while keeping costs in check. We also believe that this is an excellent idea not just for the individual but also for small meeting and huddle rooms. But...
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Whitepaper: Hitting the moving target of 4K

As the 4K resolution standard is gaining acceptance in the consumer segment – there is a need for enterprise grade AV systems to also incorporate support for them. But as is the case with any new technology standard, 4K is still a dynamic set of standards and systems designed today, with a need to plan...
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Build web-conferencing into your meeting rooms

Enterprise conferencing needs are evolving rapidly, and many clients ask about ways to equip smaller conference rooms with cost-effective tools for videoconferencing. Obviously Skype, Lync and WebEx provide popular (soft VC) tools for one-to-one conference on a laptop, but quality is usually compromised when the conference call needs to have multiple participants (say 4 or...
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Whitepaper: Improving productivity with light controls

Calculating the benefits of lighting and energy management solutions in a commercial context poses a challenge to many workspace designers and the business that build them. The fundamental reason for this is the fact that the technology is more or less invisible or inconspicuous and therefore barely noticed at all. Businesses have also not traditionally...
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Whitepaper: Evaluating unified communications solutions

Unified communications is an increasingly important consideration for businesses who look toward it as a platform for improving productivity and responsiveness while reducing costs – no matter what their size or nature of business is. In this whitepaper titled “Evaluating Unified Communications Solutions”, Cisco talks about some of the key considerations that you should keep...
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Whitepaper: Distributing 4K and UHD Signals in Pro AV environments

Amongst AV professionals, there is consensus on the fact that “the system is only as good as the distribution”. This refers to common experiences with clients who are new to large scale AV deployments — and who focus on more glamorous and conspicuous elements (like the display and audio hardware) and somewhat overlook the distribution...
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