In most organizations, there is an understanding that content is a valuable asset, but the tools available for the content management of meetings are pretty poor.

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of meeting capture systems, which are probably the simplest way to ensure access to video content that is important to your organization.

Training is an obvious application for which such systems are being adopted quickly. However, it’s probably even more important for capturing the minutes for important meetings or discussions about operational processes, which need be acted upon comprehensively.

Making video content management simple 

In this video, you can see how the Crestron Capture HD, a lecture capture system makes video capture, recording, and publishing incredibly simple. It also shortens your workflows for content creation and management. Meta data make it easier to archive content in a way that makes it easy to find later.

The simplicity of implementing this is highlighted in this video, where tight integration is possible between this device, and other systems in your organization, such as scheduling (outlook, lotus, R25, etc.), the presenters’ podium controls, and content publishing systems (like Sharepoint etc.) via RSS.

You can also publish to the built-in SD Card drive for 32GB/8 hours of meeting capture or via the USB port to a USB storage device.

For more about this product, visit the Crestron page or contact Actis at 022-30808080/

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AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India