Selecting the right microphone for your application

The world of professional-grade microphones and audio can be pretty confusing, and picking the right microphone for different design situations can have a significant impact on both the performance of a room’s audio system and costs.

In this video from Biamp, we see a description of the different types of microphones that can be used in various situations and some of the things that audio designers need to consider.

For example, certain microphones require users to know how to use them correctly – such as a handheld or installed microphone – while others are more forgiving, such as hands-free clip-on microphones.


tips on microphone placement

Also, some interesting tips on microphone placement

1. Microphones should be placed as close as possible to the source while avoiding saturation and distortion

2. When a microphone is placed beyond the critical distance, noise becomes more than sound, and all you hear is disturbance

3. Hanging microphones are versatile, but are most likely to pick up noise from multiple sources

4. Avoid multiple microphone interference which can happen due to acoustic or electronic interference


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