If you have always wanted all of your media types to be integrated and controlled from a single device during presentations, you’re in luck! The vSolution Connect app for tablets from Wolfvision allows you to control all of your media types from a single interface and also lets you sync your Wolfvision Visualiser system with it.

Using this app, you can store materials either locally on a tablet or in a Dropbox to be added seamlessly into presentations. Using vSolution Connect’s easy-to-use recording functionality you can record and save entire presentations including any external content to tablet memory. This content could be an innovative lecture or a presentation recording solution.

How it works

This application shows you exactly what the audience sees on-screen at all times using the Live Image preview. Wireless connectivity allows presentations or lectures to be delivered from anywhere in the room.

The vSolution Connect app also has an annotation feature, which is ideal for making notes, sketching, and highlighting documents, charts, and pictures. It also has a dedicated whiteboard function, which provides you with a separate space for making and displaying notes onscreen during a presentation.

This app allows iPad users to ‘bring their own device’ (BYOD). It places you, the user, at the heart of every presentation. It also allows any media source, such as documents, spreadsheets, videos or webpages to be easily controlled using a single user-friendly dashboard. Besides this, it provides you the flexibility to move freely throughout the room during the course of a presentation or lecture.

Connecting an iPad wirelessly to a Wolfvision visualizer and using it as a multimedia touchscreen control dashboard during a presentation is a key benefit. This enables you to integrate material stored locally on the iPad or in the cloud into your presentation. You can also switch quickly and easily to the visualiser for the display of ‘live’ materials when required.

Using this app, you also have the option to record an entire presentation including audio directly to the iPad internal memory, which is perfect for easy cloud publication and sharing as required.

vSolution Connect can also be used in combination with Cynap. It is a popular solution for those who prefer not to mirror their device screen, thereby avoiding any unwanted popups or messages onscreen during presentations.

You can also conveniently prepare all content materials in advance, because all files can be positioned in the app ready for use and can be saved as a template.

So, now you know all about how you can seamlessly integrate all of your different media devices for easy and smooth presentations and sharing. Here’s to effective and powerful presentations! Watch this space for more…

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(Content and images courtesy: www.wolfvision.com)

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