Your business may want to be able to control the Audiovisual (AV) output in the classroom, boardroom, or any other presentation environment. Your objective may be to want to be able to adjust screen brightness as the ambient room lighting changes. Your objective may also be to want to be able to combine a wall mount touchpanel with a powerful processor in your meeting spaces.

The TLC Pro 521M in a boardroom
The TLC Pro 521M in a boardroom

If all of these apply to you, what you want is the TouchLink controller (TLC) Pro 521M from Extron. The TLC Pro 521M has a vibrant, capacitive touchscreen with a secure, powerful control processor, producing a feature-packed touchpanel controller in a compact form factor.

This TouchLink controller is easy to use and has powerful AV system control and enhanced security. This wall mount touchpanel has built-in Ethernet control of up to four devices with Global Configurator (GC) Plus and eight devices with Global Configurator (GC) Pro. This allows simple touchpanel control of multiple Ethernet-enabled AV devices, such as displays, switchers, and sources.

This product is configured using this configuration software. It also integrates seamlessly with Extron’s GlobalViewer Enterprise software, resulting in complete AV resource monitoring, management, and control over a computer network.

Extron TLC Pro 521M

The TLC Pro 521M control interface can be customised using Extron GUI Designer software. This powerful interface design software offers ready-to-use templates for a wide variety of rooms and presentation environments.

Its features are as follows:

5″ capacitive touchscreen with 800×480 resolution and 16 million colours
Built-in control processor for environments where component space may be a concern
Power over Ethernet allows the controller to receive power and communications over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply
Light sensor adjusts screen brightness as the ambient room lighting changes
Energy-saving features

So, now you know how to control your AV presentation environment at the touch of a button. Do use this to enable seamless audio and video presentations!

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